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Evidence from around the world!

Testimony touching...
form around the world !

Testimony of Guy Rossi - December 2008

"Of course, and happily, I can talk about my feelings in relation to the work and results of Marie-Josée, made ​​on me during my competition in Virginia (4 and 5 October 2008), and also in Lévis beginning of July. In July 2008, I had to stop racing because I had a very intense pain in the lower back. I met Marie-Josée, during the closing ceremony of the competition, and she told me about his method and has offered to take care of myself before I go back to France. In two sessions, she treated me, and I no longer suffer from back or in training or in competition! This pain disappeared a few days after arriving in France, ie to July 17. 


Marie-Josée then came to help me perform my competition in Virginia (7.6km swimming, 360km cycling and 84km race). She gave me a very good preparation is the pleasant realization that I could do because I had no muscle or joint concern over the continuous 28h55 of the competition, and more with excellent results 3rd in the end! Recovery was great because I was able to resume training the following Sunday, 6 days later. I am currently preparing for a big competition, the décatriathlon (38km swimming, 422km and 1800km bike race), and here Marie-Josée, will be able to continue his work, not easy because it will often be requested over a period of 10 days 10 days is the goal I have set myself to finish in first. Of course, I relies on his valuable assistance as a therapist, but also a good team player with dynamic vision, his sense of anticipation and quick and effective response ... In fact, everything to be efficient in all clarity and without getting hurt! Not easy to do when you have short so many good things to say. "Sportingly Guy.

Testimony of Nicole Marcotte, Quebec - April 2009

«As much as you say, NOW I became ADDICTED to the fast BOWEN treatment. Because I felt improvements early. I had severe pain in my right leg. I was proposed to receive something like massage, to remove stress facias. Where to go? Who can give me this kind of treatment? Life has led me to Madame St. Onge, where after some 4 or 6 treatments, facias have found their normal state. Ended the pain! I've just had surgery on the knee, it took me a meniscus. Bowen treatments help me regain flexibility in my leg. Good relief persists. The Bowen technique, in addition to relieving pain, also promotes réenlignement our whole physical system. I hope you regain your vitality and to stem the pain.» Nicole Marcotte, Quebec. 

Testimony of Jacques Tremblay, Québec - March 23, 2009

« Member of the Quebec Federation of Athletics, I'm 42 and I practice running for 29 years. Because of my training and my competitions I had the opportunity to light and serious injuries that warned me to be careful. To be able to continue to practice running, I had to resort to several doctors and specialists of all kinds to continue practicing the sport I love the most. Despite these visits, I never would resume over ... I was discouraged! It's at an event that I met Marie-Josée, at the first meeting, I felt a definite improvement in my way of jogging. After a few treatments, several pain disappeared. This gave me hope that we can continue! I will not hesitate to refer Marie-Josée, whether man or woman on the world or to people who practice competition. Call Marie-Josée St-Onge, it will be a great help! Do not wait to see your next competition with insurance! »Thank you Marie-Josée! Jacques Tremblay, Quebec 

Testimony of Mélissa C. - August 29, 2008

« Thank you Marie-Josée for good tips for my neck, the pain has gone overnight. Perhaps a false move or something that comes ??? I doubt I would have managed to do well on the neck thing, but I tried several times and I was able to help a little. I bought 80 tickets to go dancing with my best friend and my little on the music of one of my favorite DJ. If you know how pleased I am to dance without torticollis » ! Thank you and good weekend! Sincerely, Melissa C

Testimony of Dr Jon Schmeyer - August 4, 2008

« On August 2, 2008, while running in a 12 hour race, I had the profound pleasure to meet Marie-Josee St-Onge. Four hours into the run, she offered to perform a therapeutic treatment which would help me to run better. After six minutes of work, I felt as strong and relaxed as I had hours before. She helped me again eight and ten hours along. Each time, I was refreshed and energized after she used her skills to relieve my fatigue and give my muscles new life and make me feel like so incredibly good. I had my best times for 50 miles, 100 kilometers and 12 hours thanks to her magic » ! Sincerely, Jon Schmeyer MD.

Testimony touching !

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