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Let me introduce myself, Marie-Josée St-Onge

Inhalotherapeuth training, I have always viewed the alternative medicine as a complement to traditional medicine. In 1998, when one of my daughters lives health problems, I am part of various training naturotherapy, including the Bowen Technique to understand what ails it, and thus find a solution to its problems health. 

There is an adage that one discovers his destiny by paths we have taken to avoid it. I testify: it is thanks to my daughter that I discovered this practice, because I wanted to end her suffering and allow it to regain its balance without having to resort to traditional medicine. 

In 2004, I went to Australia, country of origin where this practice in order to improve my knowledge and control all aspects of the Bowen Technique. Today, I am known beyond Canada's borders for the care I provide several athletes from various disciplines. 

Since 2002 I am an experienced practitioner of this wonderful technique that still surprises me every day. Feel free to promote this practice to those around you and in your living environment, 

and contact me for more information. 

Hope to meet, 

Marie-Josée St-Onge, Naturopath, Bowen Practitioner, Cert. II
Member ANPQ, BTAA, CBBG (Canadian Bowenwork/Bowtech Group Inc).

To make an appointment!

Marie-Josée St-Onge, 

Bowen PractitionerCert. II
Member CBBG (Canadian Bowenwork/Bowtech Group Inc),

(418) 264-0970

• Bowen - Québec 
444, boul René-Lévesque O.
Bureau 100
Québec (Québec) 
Canada G1S 1S3

« Man must harmonize mind and body »

- Hippocrate
The Bowen Technique - Harmony Found
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