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What is Bowen technique?

This is a technique from Australia and was developed by Tom Bowen, there are more than 40 years, taught today in several countries. 


The Bowen Technique  is a gentle neuromuscular therapeutic method to work the muscles, fascia and connective tissue to promote the return of the body to its natural balance. The Bowen Technique can be performed safely on individuals of all age groups, from newborns to the elderly, and provides lasting relief from pain. 

What ist he movement BOWEN ?

The core of the technique lies in the ingenuity and simplicity of the hand movement. Indeed, throughout the session, apply hands on specific points of the body movement both soft, smooth and directed: the movement BOWEN. This movement causes a vibration wave which causes the body to agree resonate like a musical instrument. 

The benefits of BOWEN technique ?

This technique profoundly affects the autonomic nervous system, stimulates the lymphatic drainage system and improves blood circulation. It also detoxifies the tissues and eliminate toxins and resumes biodynamism body and regulates the fluid movement in the body. 


The Bowen Technique gradually improves the ability to adapt to stress the individual. It gives an effect of deep rest and relaxation, it relieves chronic pain such as that related to the sciatic nerve, migraine, menstrual irregularity, joint problems, back pain, as well as respiratory and digestive problems . The Bowen Technique helps reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process of recent trauma. It improves sleep, is emotionally and helps relieve the stress of a psychological nature, including nervous exhaustion, anxiety and depression.

To make an appointment!

Marie-Josée St-Onge, 

Praticienne Bowen, Cert. II
Membre CBBG (Canadian Bowenwork/Bowtech Group Inc),

(418) 264-0970

• Bowen - Québec 
444, boul René-Lévesque O.
Bureau 100
Québec (Québec) 
Canada G1S 1S3


« Man must harmonize mind and body. »

- Hippocrate

The Bowen Technique - Harmony Found
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